Saturday’s weather will be partly cloudy with isolated rain and potentially even isolated storms, initially in the west of the island but also later on in the day further east.

Temperatures will rise to around 31 degrees inland and on the southern and eastern coasts, 28 degrees in other coastal areas, and 20 degrees in the mountains.

Winds will be moderate to strong, between four and five Beaufort.

Overnight, increased cloud cover may bring isolated showers, primarily on the west and north coasts.

Temperatures will drop to 18 degrees inland, 19 degrees on the south and east coasts, 22 degrees on the west and north coasts and 12 degrees in the mountains.

Winds will be light to moderate, between three and four Beaufort, but may reach five Beaufort on the coasts. The sea will gradually become rough.

Localised rain and isolated storms are expected to hit on Sunday with the temperature expected to drop. Isolated thunderstorms are expected on Monday and Tuesday.