The met office has issued a new yellow weather warning for heavy rain in some areas for Tuesday.

According to the announcement the new warning will be in place from 10am until 6pm on Tuesday, as there are isolated thunderstorms expected all over the island except on the eastern coast.

Rainfall could turn to hail, and the total rainfall is expected to reach 35 to 55 mm per hour.

On Monday, another yellow warning was in place for isolated thunderstorms.

On Wednesday and Thursday the weather will be partly cloudy and with isolated rains in the afternoon, mainly in the mountains.

Temperatures will drop slightly on Tuesday, to fluctuate below the average for the season, while a small increase expected on Wednesday and Thursday.

In an announcement considering the weather warnings, the fire service has said that drainage pipes on the road need to be cleared to allow for the water to collect and to prevent flooding.

They also said that people should ensure to turn on their televisions or radios to be informed should there be flooding, and if there are power cuts, they should have a battery-operated radio to be informed on what to do.

Should people require assistance the emergency number in Cyprus is 112.