A 47-year-old Syrian national arrested in Chlorakas on August 31 for burglary, spreading fake news, instigating violence, inciting others to commit a crime and knife-wielding is set to face trial on October 12.

The individual has been in police custody since his arrest. All the charges against him have been officially filed before the Paphos district court.

He was arrested after clashes between migrants and far-right Greek Cypriot extremists in Chlorakas.

The individual’s previous criminal record includes arrest warrants for various offences, including burglary.

Following his arrest, he had a meeting with Justice Minister Anna Procopiou and the police chief.

During the riots, he had been filmed on camera saying the migrants “would turn Paphos upside down.”

Later, after going viral on social media, he spoke on camera and apologised, attributing his verbal assault to stress and anxiety from the volatile situation.