Police on Tuesday arrested a 26-year-old man for case of drug trafficking involving multiple parties under investigation.

According to police statement, the 26-year-old was arrested for possession of 2.5kg cannabis and 1.7kg cannabis resin, which were detected and confiscated by the drug squad (Ykan) in Larnaca last March.

As part of the same investigation members of the British bases police on Monday had arrested a 48-year-old at Dasaki tis Achnas, after a search carried out at his residence. The search turned up half a kilo of cannabis, artifacts believed to be antiquities and knives, as well as over €100,000 in cash.

The 48-year-old is expected to be brought before the SBA Court on Wednesday for the issuance of a remand.

The drug trafficking case was being investigated by Ykan Larnaca, which has already registered the case for trial before the Court with another accused person, a 37-year-old man.

The 37-year-old was arrested on March 25 during an anti-drugs trafficking operation where 2.5kg of cannabis plant material and 1.7kg cannabis resin, as well as traces of cocaine were found at the man’s residence.

The 37-year-old remains in custody as a defendant, by virtue of a court order, for the adjudication of the case.