Three inmates were arrested by police on Friday, under suspicion of conspiring to murder a Paphos man, police said.

According to police, officers received testimony against the three inmates, 45, 38, and 29, leading police to subsequently arrest them.

Two of them, 45 and 29, face charges of conspiring to commit murder, while the third one, 38, face the charge of threatening the would-be victim.

Paphos police said that on Thursday night they received arrest warrants for the three men, and searches were carried out in the cells at the central prisons, where various items were seized as evidence.

Reports said that police found ten mobile phones and various narcotics, including crystal meth. All the items were seized and taken for testing.

The three inmates were taken to court, which was conducted behind closed doors, Paphos police said.

Police said that the court decided to remand the individuals for eight days, as police investigations are ongoing.