The Larnaca water board said on Monday it will install 25,000 smart meters as part of efforts to improve performance and efficiency.

The costs will be covered through EU recovery and resilience funds. the board said, adding it was committed to implementation of smart technologies and digitisation with the aim of “strengthening its operational and energy efficiency.”

The plan foresees the installation and operation of a smart meter system by June 2026, replacing 25,000 old meters. The new meters will be able to record hourly water consumption rates to a special monitoring platform.

Through the project it will be possible to calculate the water balance for participating areas on a daily basis, detect leaks and reduce waste, the board said.

Consumers are also expected to benefit from the ability to monitor their water consumption through the online platform, and thereby adjust their habits to reduce bills, as well from early detection of leaks on their properties.

The budget for this investment amounts to €5 million, of which €3.25m will be financed by the recovery funds. Following installation, the system will operate for at least six years.

Due to the high cost of installing the system, the smart meters will be prioritised for areas with high water consumption in the municipalities of Aradippou and Livadia, as well as areas with intense commercial activity.

At a later stage the Larnaca water board plans to install smart meters in its entire area of responsibility.