An ongoing exhibition in Limassol with local and international artists examines what makes a house a home. At Limassol Municipal Arts Centre Apothikes Papadaki, the House exhibition will run until November presenting the works of nine artists.

“The house, as the place where we live or grew up in, has a big influence on how we think and act,” say organisers. “Key is the way we are connected with it, how we are attached to our house or have been detached from it. It creates a unique narrative for each one of us. The topic of house raises questions like: What makes a house a home? Is a physical house still able to make us feel at home nowadays? Or is a home more like a mental space, or even a virtual place, like a homepage or a profile in the cloud? Have we ever experienced what it means to lose our house? And how did we experience being confined in it during the coronavirus lockdowns? A house can be looked at from many different perspectives; be it economical, political or philosophical… but what about the perspective of the visual artist?”

Presenting their views are Janne Räisänen, Tarmo Paunu, Heli Ryhänen, Christina Papakyriakou, Marianna Constanti, Witte Wartena, B.C. Epker, Tatiana Ferahian and Chiaki Kamikawa. House as a theme has been researched in a series of exhibitions that took place in Edinburgh in 2009, Berlin in 2011, Rotterdam in 2012 and Leeuwarden in 2018, each time resulting in a different outcome. This month, the artists present their reflections, visualisations and relationship to House in Limassol.

The exhibition will remain open until November 11.


Group exhibition by local and international artists. Until November 11. Limassol Municipal Arts Centre – Apothikes Papadaki, Limassol. Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 6pm. Saturday: 10am – 2pm. Tel: 25-367700