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Woman regains use of leg after pioneering surgery

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A 29-year-old woman has regained the use of her leg after Cypriot doctors performed a “pioneering surgery” at the Nicosia general hospital.

Leading orthopedic surgeon Ioannis Orphanos performed the surgery – the first of its kind in both Cyprus and Greece – in which, greatly simplified, a metal rod was placed in the woman’s leg.

The state health services (Okypy) explained that the woman had suffered an open femoral fracture from a war wound (a bomb) five years ago.

It added that she had undergone multiple unsuccessful surgeries in other countries.

The organisation further explained that she arrived in Cyprus with septic pseudoarthrosis of the fracture, with the bone hit by microbes.

The surgery was centred on placing an intramedullary magnetic bone transport rod to cover an eight-centimetre gap.


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