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Upgraded swimming pool legislation expected in parliament

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A bill aimed at upgrading the legislation related to the features and inspections of public and private swimming pools is expected to be presented in parliament before the end of the year, after the issue was discussed during a House interior committee meeting on Thursday.

This development was discussed during a session of the parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs. Committee members have requested that the bill be submitted to parliament by the end of the year. Notably, there has been a prior legislative proposal by the Edek MP, Elias Myrianthous, dating back to 2019 concerning the same matter.

The bill, currently under review by the legal service, categorises swimming pools into three distinct groups. The first category includes pools located within water parks, the second pertains to hotel and tourist accommodation pools, while the third encompasses all other swimming pools, excluding those serving more than five residential units.

Depending on their category, these swimming pools will require construction permits and periodic inspections. Health and safety inspections will be systematically conducted for pools in the first two categories, while pools in the third category will undergo sampling inspections only. Additionally, lifeguards will be required for supervision in the first two categories.

Following the meeting, the committee’s vice chair, Akel MP Marina Nicolaou, said the bill has completed its drafting process, underlining that the current legislation, dating back to 1992, is outdated.

“Modernising it is a step in the right direction,” she said.

Edek MP Elias Myrianthous urged for the bill to be promptly presented in parliament and to be voted on before the upcoming summer season. He added that the existing legislation regulating swimming pools is outdated, despite EU guidelines and standards regulating such matters.

“This is what it is urgent to change the regulations regarding swimming pools, particularly those pertaining to safety, water quality, and usage,” he said.

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