The Green Party has decided to elect a new leader next month, following the resignation of Charalambos Theopemptou.

The committee of the Green Party issued an announcement after meeting on Saturday afternoon, saying the general party conference and the elections will be held on the same day on November 26.

The decision has been taken a few days after Theopemptou, who took over the party’s leadership after Giorgos Perdikes in 2020, resigned from his post.

Theopemptou is also a Greens MP for Nicosia, and he will retain that seat, as he has not resigned from the party.

He cited personal reasons for his decision to step down.

On Monday, a day before, Green MP Alexandra Attalides resigned from the party citing its ‘catastrophic’ position on the Cyprus problem, lack of unity with the European Greens while adding that some members attacked her for supporting queer rights.