A 31-year-old man was sentenced to 16 years in prison on Tuesday for the attempted murder of a 42-year-old last year, where a six-year-old boy was also injured by the gunfire.

The man from Ormidia attempted to murder the 42-year-old outside his home in Oroklini last December. According to Larnaca Criminal Court, the man was shot as soon as he entered his pick-up truck.

The boy was already in the truck and is the son of the 42-year-old’s friend, a 40-year-old who was also in the car. The 42-year-old was injured in the gunfire, along with the boy, while the 40-year-old managed to get out of the vehicle before the shooting occurred.

Police arrested the 31-year-old 72 hours after the incident, after finding DNA evidence from a mask found at the scene.

The 31-year-old admitted to his crime after his arrest, while he also said another 35-year-old conspired with him for the murder. The other suspect disappeared on the December 6, 2022, and is still being sought by police.

At the time, another 34-year-old businessman was arrested in connection with the case, but was later released, media reported.

The 34-year-old businessman reportedly had dealings with the 35-year-old missing man, Andreas Christou.

Christou’s sister reportedly said her brother had revealed to her he had conspired with the 34-year-old to commit the murder and that he would receive the sum of €40,000 but in the end received only €20,000.

He was reported missing by his sister, after his car was found near the Ayios Nikolaos crossing point in the British bases.

On Tuesday, the 31-year-old was found guilty of attempted murder and endangering the life of a child, conspiring to murder, another four charges related to possessing and transporting a rifle, and possessing and transporting explosives.