A Russian wanted by Interpol for embezzling large amounts of money from a company he worked for has been found to have been residing in northern Cyprus, it emerged on Wednesday.

The fugitive’s location surfaced because authorities in the non-government-controlled areas declared Russian Citizen Vladislav Apakov a “prohibited immigrant”.

The decision was based on the grounds the 52-year-old man is wanted by Interpol as well as his involvement in various crimes in his home country and his financial activities before arriving in northern Cyprus.

It is understood that Apakov fled Russia and moved to the occupied territories after transferring a significant amount of money from his company to his own account.

“…There is a possibility that his behaviour may endanger public order, administrative order, or general morality, as well as potentially incite hostility among the people…or against the State or conspire against the State’s authority and power,” the statement by the Turkish Cypriot authorities said.

This decision could have implications for Apakov’s residency and ‘legal status’ in the north, while he may face legal consequences for his actions upon his arrival, Turkish Cypriot media reported.

The decision was published in the “Official Gazette”. No further details have been provided.

According to Interpol’s official website, Apakov is suspected of charges related to misappropriation or embezzlement in extremely large-scale. He is 1.75 metres tall with dark hair and speaks Russian and English.


Screengrab from Interpol’s official website