Police in Limassol on Wednesday arrested a 37-year-old man for possession of over 6kg of cannabis.

According to the police, members of an anti-drug patrol followed the man, who was seen stopping his car and walking to a spot where he picked up a plastic dog bag and placed it in his car boot.

Drug squad (Ykan) officers tried to stop the 37-year-old from driving off and as soon as he noticed them he attempted to escape, crashing his car into the police vehicle and coming to a halt.

Police restrained the suspect and arrested him for offenses after he allegedly resisted.

Police then recovered the plastic dog bag, which was found to contain ten packets of cannabis with a total weight of 5.9kg.

A large sum of money and two mobile phones were also found in the possession of the suspect, which were seized as evidence.

Police subsequently searched the man’s home where a plastic package containing and additional amount of around 600g of cannabis was found. A further search carried out in three other vehicles belonging to the arrestee, revealed a large amount of jewellery, silverware, an electronic computer, an air pistol, eight fireworks, four noxious gas launchers and a large number of watches, among other items.

All were confiscated as evidence while the 37-year-old was taken into custody.

Limassol Ykan and CID in collaboration with the Episkopi police station are continuing the investigation.