In the not-so-distant future, where technology blurs the lines between life and death, this English-language series serves as a sharp social commentary while offering a fresh perspective on the classic love story trope.

Nora works in customer service, and is tasked with guiding the deceased through their transition into the digital realm. In an unconventional tale, she falls for her client, who is, well, already dead.

However, it becomes clear that Amazon’s Upload, created by Greg Daniels, is not your ordinary boy-meets-girl story; raising questions about the afterlife and the implications of advanced technology.

Set in the year 2033, the show’s premise revolves around the ability of humans to upload their consciousness into a virtual afterlife of their choosing. The catch? It comes at a hefty price, as protagonist, young computer programmer Nathan Brown quickly discovers when he finds himself confined to the luxurious yet restrictive Lakeview. He soon realises he’s under the thumb of the living, including his possessive, rich girlfriend Ingrid.

Upload serves as a reflection of our current technological landscape. With AI advancements moving at breakneck speed, the show’s portrayal of a digital afterlife seems eerily plausible, bringing it closer to reality and further from traditional science fiction.

It also draws attention to the power dynamics in society. As the series unfolds, it becomes evident that corruption remains ever present, even in the digital realm. Those in positions of influence can manipulate narratives and disseminate disinformation, whether in the real world or the digital afterlife.

This commentary on power relations is both timely and resonant, serving as a stark reminder of the inequalities that persist and how certain lives are viewed as disposable.