The goal of the state is the development and repopulation of the mountainous regions, the strengthening of social innovation, and the creation of a thriving environmentally sustainable development there, President Nikos Christodoulides said on Sunday, inaugurating the new town square of Korakou, Nicosia.

He added that for the mountainous areas, the government is acting on the basis of a strategic plan that will create the prospects for economic and social development of those areas.

“That is why, the Korakou community is included in the housing plans for mountainous, critical, and disadvantaged areas, which involve financial support from the state for the acquisition of a residence,” he said.

He added that specifically, Korakou is included in the category of extremely mountainous and extremely small and remote communities/regions, which also receives the greatest financial support.

At the same time, the community falls under the support plan for residents of communities far from urban centres, with the aim of facilitating their access to them by covering part of the transport costs by the state.

The president announced that at the beginning of 2024, revised plans and targeted actions are expected to be announced, such as the second phase of the Denia – Astromeritis road, infrastructure for children and health issues, while he also referred to the recent decision to subsidise heating oil from November 15, following a proposal by MPs.

He also announced that he will respond to the community leader’s request for financial aid to deal with difficulties, with the amount of €25,000.

With reference to the square that was inaugurated, he said that such essential projects are the result of the cooperation of the communities with the executive power, with the common goal of supporting and strengthening the countryside of Cyprus.