Former Edek MP George Varnava has urged the attorney-general George Savvides to reopen the case concerning the findings of the Nicolatos committee on the now disbanded golden passport scheme.

The Nicolatos investigative committee was appointed by the government and was led by former Supreme Court judge Myron Nicolatos.

It found that 53 per cent of the 6,779 citizenships granted overall were unlawful, and said politicians and institutions had political responsibilities while certain applicants and service providers may be held criminally culpable.

In a letter dated November 6, 2023, which he made public, Varnava pointed out that the facts surrounding the findings have been exposed to the public on multiple occasions.

However, the letter also said that no government authority, including the attorney general’s office, has taken action on the committee’s findings or bring the suspects involved in this potential fraud to trial.

“The events of this case have come to light numerous times, but no authority in this country, including your own office, has shown the will to reopen the case and, if guilt is proven, to convict those responsible,” the letter, addressed to Savvides, said.

Varnava then went on to mention that for similar cases, the attorney general had issued orders to initiate proceedings that are currently ongoing.

“The cover-up of such cases, particularly when they involve politically exposed individuals, sends the wrong message to the public,” Varnavas said.

Last month, lawyer Andreas Pittadjis, suspected of being involved in the golden passport scheme, was cleared of all charges against him at the Nicosia criminal court. He will now take on the role as defence lawyer for one of the other three defendants.

Pittadjis became infamous for his “this is Cyprus” quip which was aired in an Al Jazeera documentary over the golden passports scandal. When asked by an undercover reporter if he had previously changed a client’s name for a passport, he replied, laughing: “Of course, this is Cyprus!”