A recent clean-up campaign in the Larnaca salt lake area successfully removed plastic and glass bottles, paper, car tires, and irrigation hoses, as well as various other discarded items.

The initiative was organised by the environmental department of the Larnaca municipality in collaboration with MetLife and Laser Charge companies.

MetLife employees focused on cleaning the forest within the recreational area, while Laser Charge staff undertook the task of cleaning the Halal Sultan Tekke area and the banks of the salt lake.

The campaign aimed to enhance the cleanliness and preservation of the environment, both in the wetland area of the salt lake and throughout Larnaca.

The municipality issued an appeal to citizens, urging them to use the Green Points to dispose of unwanted items at their homes rather than discarding them in various locations around the salt lake. The goal is to maintain a clean environment in the area through the participation of various companies and volunteers.

Larnaca municipality congratulated the volunteers and the participating companies for their initiative in cleaning the salt lake area and their dedication to removing all the discarded items found in the region.