President Nikos Christodoulides pledged once again that he will do “everything humanly possible” to overcome the Turkish intransigence and restart talks for a Cyprus solution based on the agreed framework.

Speaking on Tuesday at an unveiling ceremony for the “Refugee Monument of 1922” and the inauguration of the park of Hellenism in Asia Minor in Nicosia, the president noted that the attack on Greeks in Asia Minor in the 20th century was a huge humanitarian tragedy with an estimated of loss of 150,000 lives.

Christodoulides said there were close ties between Cyprus and refugees from Asia Minor as people in Cyprus too know about injustice, war, refugees and destruction.

The president noted that the island became the second home for about 3,000 refugees from Asia Minor, after the disaster of 1922 and that they contributed to the progress of the Cypriot society and culture.

Christodoulides went on to pledge to do everything humanly possible to abate Turkish intransigence and resume the efforts for a Cyprus solution.

“We want to give the citizens of this country, and especially the new generation, the opportunity to progress in conditions of security, peace and prosperity,” he said.