Three children were hit by cars in Paphos on Monday, all of which had to receive hospital treatment while police were trying to uncover how the accidents happened.

Paphos spokesman and CID chief Michalis Nicolaou sad they were two separate incidents.

The first took place at Mesogis Avenue at around 4:30pm where a 76-year-old man hit a six-year-old boy with his vehicle. The child was crossing the road on a scooter.

The child was taken to the Paphos general hospital ER but due to the seriousness of his condition was transferred to Makario hospital in Nicosia.

Doctors say his condition is serious but not critical.

The second incident took place at 5:45pm, when a 51-year-old driver hit two children aged 12 and 13. They were one boy and one girl that were crossing Korai street and under circumstances that are being investigated, were injured by the incoming car.

Both children were taken to the Paphos general hospital and were also transferred to Makario hospital.

Investigations for both incidents continue.