The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Keve) is taking part in the European Parliament of Enterprises, an event organised every two years by the European Chambers of Commerce, along with the General Assembly of the European Chambers in Brussels, held on November 14 and 15, respectively.

According to an official statement by the chamber, Keve is represented by Manthos Mavrommatis, Honorary President, and Marios Stylianides, General Secretary.

The European Parliament of Enterprises involves over 700 entrepreneurs from all chambers that are members of the European Chambers of Commerce (Eurochambers), being touted as “the largest EU-level event that directly engages entrepreneurs”.

“The primary message conveyed by the European Parliament of Enterprises for 2023 is about a Europe that is more business-friendly,” the statement added.

The event is structured into three distinct sections focusing on skills, international trade, and energy, hosting esteemed EU representatives such as Dita Charanzova, Vice-President of the European Parliament, and Kadri Simson, the Commissioner for Energy.

This session serves as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to describe the nature of the challenges they face and discuss EU-level solutions with leading policymakers.

Moreover, discussions will revolve around the complete utilisation of opportunities provided by the single market concerning skills and human capital, along with sustainable solutions to mitigate the energy crisis that leads to a loss of competitiveness and undermines the goals of the European autonomy strategy.

Finally, fundamental components of a preventive EU trade policy that opens international markets for European goods, services, investments, and public contracts will be examined, aiming to reduce and eliminate unjustifiable trade barriers in third countries.