Potato farmers are threatening to protest outside the presidential palace to demand more government support to deal with increasing costs of production.

The farmers have sent a letter to President Nikos Christodoulides, detailing their grievances, after talks with the agriculture ministry did not yield any results.

After a meeting convened earlier this week, the potato producers decided to give the president a three-week ultimatum to agree to meet with them.

Should they not hear back, the farmers decided to protest outside the presidential palace on December 4.

Other producers such as grain and crop farmers, are also expected to join.

According to the potato farmers, the agriculture ministry had proposed a €1.3 million state subsidy which the producers rejected saying it did nothing to cover the expenses incurred from the Covid-19 pandemic and the war on Ukraine.

They added they have to bear the brunt of the costs as the public is already inundated with economic hardships, and they cannot pass on the expenses to consumers.