While I enjoy many TV shows, I always seem to fall back on watching old favourites like The Big Bang Theory.

I fell in love with the show when it first came out, and continue to rewatch it from time to time, just to have a good laugh and feel at home.

The series follows arch-nerds Leonard and Sheldon, both of whom have issues with social interactions. They meet Penny, and they begin to experience the world differently, getting drawn in by modern society, while also trying to keep their geeky, socially awkward selves going.

Over 12 seasons we see the characters falling in love, breaking up, making more friends, and growing out of their own social awkwardness. It ends on the goal from the start with a rare show of emotion.

Sometimes, I find myself rewatching, because the story, is feel good, and it helps me escape for those 20 minutes. While the show spans so many seasons, you will want to keep watching until the end.

TBBT has been criticised for being too much like an older-style sitcom but to be honest because I grew up with those types of shows, I enjoy the setup.

Also, as someone who was considered a nerd in high school, this show was fun for me to watch because I could relate to many of the experiences.

This show is really a gem, it is definitely something to take time out of your schedule to watch.