President Nikos Christodoulides assured that he is steadfastly increasing efforts to resume negotiations on the Cyprus issue.

He was speaking during a memorial service for Eoka fighter Kyriakos Matsis in Palaichori, where he mentioned the historical responsibility towards those heroes.

“The responsibility is great because it is our homeland that is still under occupation. Therefore, from the first day of assuming my duties, we continuously take initiatives despite the difficulties, disappointments, and problems created by the Turkish side,” he said.

He added that for this reason, he intensifies his efforts daily to “promptly return to the negotiating table and, through dialogue, guided by the resolutions of the United Nations and the principles and values of the EU, of which the Republic of Cyprus is a member state, to achieve the desired liberation, reunification, in a viable and functional solution.”

Christodoulides further assured that the government will continue to advocate for the obvious, conditions of security and political stability, to ensure that all Cypriot citizens live in a normal country without individuals deprived of basic human rights, creating an environment of peace and prosperity. He also stressed the goal of providing future generations with the right to live without fear for tomorrow.

Referring to Kyriakos Matsis and other fighters, he said that their struggles and sacrifices “strictly define our duty for the homeland and the framework of our efforts.” He stressed that they owe it to Kyriakos Matsis and others who sacrificed their lives to end the status of Cyprus as a British crown colony and the new generations to fight for a free and prosperous homeland.

“We will not stop, therefore, the struggle until the long-awaited reunification is achieved, which will ensure legality, human rights, and political freedoms for all legitimate residents of this place,” he noted.