A 36-year-old man was arrested at Paphos airport after officers found the passport he was carrying was on the stop list, police said on Monday.

He was arrested at around 7pm on Sunday in connection with conspiracy to commit a felony, impersonation and assisting the illegal entry of third country nationals.

The suspect presented German travel documents attempting to board a flight to Germany. According to Paphos police CID chief and spokesman Michalis Nicolaou, officers found the suspect had arrived in Cyprus on June 17 and stayed until June 20.

He subsequently returned to Cyprus with a residence permit but it was found that on June 27, the documents in question were used by another unknown person who allegedly travelled to a European country. The unknown individual was arrested in another country for impersonation.

The original holder of the documents in question reported them as lost on June 28.

Nicolaou said the circumstances raised a host of suspicions.

Meanwhile, at 5:15pm, a woman trying to board a flight to France at Paphos airport with Belgian travel documents was arrested after the picture was not of her.

The woman admitted they were false documents.