Cyprus experienced a 33 per cent decrease in the number of new asylum seekers in August 2023 compared to the same month last year, while, at the same time, the EU saw a 19 per cent increase, European figures released on Tuesday showed.

In absolute numbers, Cyprus recorded 895 new applications for international protection in August 2023, whereas there were 1,340 in August 2022, the monthly asylum statistics report filed the EU’s statistical service Eurostat showed.

At the EU level, there were 91,735 applications this August, compared to 77,145 the previous year.

Additionally, at EU level, 5,660 subsequent applications were recorded, meaning applications from individuals who had previously sought asylum and had been rejected. The number of subsequent applications decreased by 8 per cent compared to August 2022.

For Cyprus there is no data available regarding subsequent applications due to a temporary exemption from the obligation to provide details.

As in previous months, the highest number of new asylum seekers was recorded in Germany (29,110), followed by Spain (12,075), France (11,495), and Italy (10,005). These countries accounted for a total of 68 per cent per cent of all new applications in the EU.

In relation to the population, in August 2023, there were 20.5 new applications per 100,000 individuals in the EU. At the national level, based on data as of January 1, 2023, the highest ratio of new applications was recorded in Cyprus, with 97 applicants per 100,000 people, followed by Austria with 72.4.

Moreover, in August 2023, Syrian nationals continued to be the largest group of asylum seekers in the EU, with 18,170 first-time applicants recorded. They were followed by people from Afghanistan (9,785), Turkey (7,970), Venezuela (4,805) and Colombia (4,665).

Regarding unaccompanied minors, in August 4,465 unaccompanied minors submitted new asylum applications in the EU. Most of them came from Syria (1,540) and Afghanistan (1,420).

The highest number of applications from unaccompanied minors were recorded in Germany (1,250), Austria (795) and Bulgaria (735).

Once again, for Cyprus, as well as Poland, there is no data available regarding applications from unaccompanied minors due to a temporary exemption from the obligation to provide details.