Justice Minister Anna Procopiou met with Edek Leader Marinos Sizopoulos on Thursday to discuss immigration, judicial reform, juvenile delinquency, and a raft of other issues.

Following the meeting, Procopiou told reporters “We had a very good, productive, very positive discussion, and I am happy to say that in addition to our own positions and proposals which we gave to Edek, Sizopoulos himself came with a series of proposals, as usual.”

She added that the issues they discussed have been “a major concern of public debate of late”, and that Edek had many suggestions on how to make progress in their regard.

She thanked Sizopoulos for the “constructive discussion” and said she hoped the party would support her ministry’s legislative proposals in the coming months.

Sizopoulos said he had received a “detailed update” on the ministry’s plans at the meeting and said he had submitted “constructive proposals”.

He said that the proposals he submitted “can be utilised” by the ministry, and that they can “strengthen the ministry’s work”.

“We will continue to make constructive contributions because all the issues [we discussed] are matters which concern Cypriot society, and in some cases have enormous social impications,” he said.