A report released by the Audit Office on Thursday highlighted that a total of 164 traffic violations recorded by traffic cameras installed on Cyprus’ roads concern police vehicles.

According to the report, the violations were recorded over a period spanning 13 months.

Moreover, 93 per cent of these cases were deemed justified by the traffic police, without the need to provide the necessary documentation for not pursuing action against the involved individuals.

However, the report also added that for the cases where criminal prosecution of force members was decided, a total of 7 per cent of them, no administrative fines have been issued as of yet.

According to the report, approximately 35 per cent of fines issued for violations captured by traffic cameras remain uncollected by the offenders, with over half of them being issued in the first half of 2022.

Furthermore, for certain traffic violators, “the collection of a considerable number of warrants is pending, preventing the imposition of the specified penalty points that would cumulatively result in the revocation of their driving licenses.”

The report also highlighted that a considerable amount of fines were erroneously issued due to technical faults in the equipment used, necessitating their subsequent cancellation.

Additionally, a substantial number of outstanding fines remained unpaid for an extended period, with no progress in initiating the necessary procedures to bring the fined individuals to court.

Responding to the Audit Office report later on Thursday, the police said that the violations caught on camera concerning police officers occurred “during the execution of police duties, aligning with the officers’ mission of crime prevention, investigation, and the preservation of public order and safety.”

It also added that no traffic accidents were attributed to reckless, negligent, or dangerous driving by police officers.

“All traffic violations involving police vehicles are forwarded to the traffic department for evaluation and final directives. In cases where deemed necessary, matters are escalated to the Legal Services for guidance,” the police said.

Regarding outstanding fines and unexecuted warrants, the police said it always with the Audit Service’s requests, providing it with a detailed list of the fines.