A founding conference for the new Volt Cyprus party was held on Sunday afternoon as the ‘Filoxenia’ Conference Centre in Nicosia.

Addresses at the conference were made by Deputy Government Spokesman Yiannis Antoniou, on behalf of President Nikos Christodoulides and representatives of parliamentary parties, political parties, Volt Europe and Volt of other countries, while speeches were made by members of the founding committee of Volt Cyprus.

As mentioned at the conference, Volt Cyprus was founded through the association of independent active citizens and the cooperation of the ‘New Wave – The Other Cyprus’ and ‘Famagusta for Cyprus’ movements.

Addressing the conference, on behalf the president, Antoniou said that representation of the president at the Volt Cyprus conference “is a sign of respect and appreciation shown by the government in every effort to enrich the political process through the participation of citizens in political life”.

He stated that the principles of European progressivism advocated by Volt Cyprus are necessary, “especially in this difficult moment with the inequalities that are observed at all levels and call into question many of the European values”.

“Volt’s vision for a prosperous and socially just united Cyprus, in a united and strong Europe, is compatible with the aspirations of the vast majority of political forces in Cyprus and with the vision of the government and President Christodoulides, who is a devotee of a targeted course aimed at building an EU with purely federal characteristics,” he added.

Immediately after the conference, according to the party’s announcement, the 25-member political council was convened which decided the composition of the 9-member executive office which is composed as follows: Co-President Alexandra Attalides, Co-President Charilaos Velaris, Co-Vice-President Andromachi Sofocleous, Co-Vice-President Panos Parras , Press Spokesman Pieros Karoullas, Secretary General Hulusi Kilim, Organising Secretary Katerina Koni, Financial Secretary Lambros Dionysiou, and Secretary of European and International Relations Rodoula Demetriadou.