The government is to create electronic health files for all citizens as part of its creation of a “National electronic health bank”, it emerged on Wednesday.

The move was announced by Health Minister Popi Kanari and will effectively constitute of digitised health records for people across the country, allowing them to be easily accessed, updated, and secured.

Additionally, Kanari said her ministry is promoting the implementation of a mobile application for Cypriot health services, by the name of myHealth@cy.

She said the application, as well as the other technological advances on the user side of the country’s health services, “aim to improve people’s access and control of their own medical data.”

In addition, she spoke about Gesy, describing it as “one of the biggest reforms in the history of the Republic of Cyprus.”

She added that “its uniqueness lies in the fact that it offers equal health services to all beneficiaries without restrictions.”

With this in mind, she pointed out that a recent survey carried out by the University of Nicosia showed satisfaction rates of between 85 and 91 per cent with the services offered by Gesy.

She added that her ministry’s main goal “is to support and upgrade Gesy, as well as ensuring its financial stability.”

To this end, she said there are a total of 10 bills being finalised by the health ministry with the aim of upgrading the health sector’s legal framework, including legislation regarding the matter of university hospitals.