Works for the Akamas road network will go ahead taking into account their environmental impact, public safety and benefits to the surrounding communities, President Nikos Christodoulides stressed on Saturday.

He highlighted the works for the Asprou Potamou to Lara road network would be inspected on site on December 16, following his orders.

The aim is to ensure the 9km road is completed as soon as possible. At the same time, restoration of affected habitats would begin immediately, he said.

An on-site investigation showed that “the projects planned for years in the National Forest which are currently being implemented, appear to be larger in size and severity than we would like to see within the Forest Park as a Natura site,’ Christodoulides told reporters on the sidelines of an agriculture event in Paphos.

“For this reason, the plans will be re-evaluated in the short term and anything deemed excessive will be corrected.”

Nonetheless, he assured the projects would continue and be implemented, ensuring environmental protection was maintained, as well as the safety of visitors and benefits to the communities surrounding Akamas.

Christodoulides said the works for the Asprou Potamou to Lara road would be monitored by a group of officials from a number of government departments, headed by the environment department.

“At the same time, the restoration of the habitats affected on the side (of the road) will begin, as the impact is believed to be restorable”.

He added the improved road will offer benefits to the environment and the communities of the area, as the movement of visitors will be on a controlled route, while dust, which is a major factor in the destruction of Akamas’ habitats, will be minimized, and will help reduce the number of accidents that occur every year and are attributed to the existing poor road surface.