Police on Sunday arrested two women, aged 42 and 27, to aid investigations into cases of burglaries at two old people’s homes.

The reported incidents were brought to the attention of the authorities by two residents of Limassol, aged 86 and 80.

They said that on the morning of December 8, two unknown women visited their homes under various pretences, managing to deceive them and steal money.

Specifically, around 10am on that day, two unidentified women visited the 80-year-old’s residence in Limassol, asking to pick oranges from the tree in her yard.

The 80-year-old granted them permission and went outside to assist. One of the women, claiming to need to use the bathroom, managed to enter the house unaccompanied.

Shortly after the departure of the two women, the complainant realised that her wallet containing €70 in cash, credit cards and personal documents had been stolen.

The second incident occurred on the same day, in the same area of Limassol.

According to the 86-year-old, the two suspects came to her home at around 12.30pm.

After conversing briefly, the owner of the house went to the kitchen to make coffee for them. Later, upon their departure, the complainant discovered that her wallet, kept in her handbag in the living room, had been stolen. Inside the wallet was €50 in cash along with personal documents.

Following police investigations, evidence was gathered against the 42-year-old and 27-year-old women and arrest warrants were issued against them.

The two women were located in Limassol on Sunday afternoon, arrested, and placed in custody to facilitate further inquiries.