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Thundering falls in the mountains

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Waterfalls are impressive all year round, offering some cool in the summer and beauty once hiked there in the winter finds PAUL LAMBIS

Every country on this vast blue planet has wonders concealed within it that captivate visitors. Waterfalls are one of these splendours.

While the fast-paced lifestyle of Cyprus’ larger cities persists, it is comforting to know that we can get away from it all, even for a short period of time. Time spent in nature, specifically at one of Cyprus’ waterfalls this winter allows time to get a new perspective on life reconnecting with the natural world around us and enjoying the vistas the island has to offer.

Since the end of the nineteenth century, when a Scottish expedition discovered them while visiting the Platres region, the Caledonia Waterfalls have drawn many visitors.

The waterfalls, which are around 12 metres in height, can be accessed by a walking path that is not considered challenging but varies due to changes in gradient. Visitors may encounter many kinds of local flora while walking along the nature trail, in addition to the sounds of swallows chirping, especially during the spring and summer months.

dom travel the millomeris waterfall
The Millomeris waterfall

Millomeris is another notable waterfall in Cyprus that is also appealing to nature enthusiasts. The Millomeris Waterfall cascades from a height of 15 metres, creating a small lake whose level rises and often overflows during the winter when the volume of the water increases substantially.

The waterfall is unique and surrounded by lush foliage and rock formations. More importantly, Millomeris is accessible by car along a dirt road, making the area suitable for people with limited mobility. The path is relatively smooth, though it does have a small slope as it descends towards the waterfall.

The impressive Chantara Waterfall is yet another stunning and enchanting natural marvel. Located on the Diarizos River, just north of the village of Foini and not far from the Trooditissa Monastery or the upper side of Platres, the waterfall cascades from a height of eight metres, and is surrounded by pine trees, golden oaks, strawberry trees, sage and lavender, and falls onto a large rock at the base of a tiny pond.

The stunning setting, which manages to enchant with its lush foliage, is close to an old watermill that operated until the early twentieth century.

The exotic Kremiotis Waterfall is one of the most interesting places to visit, especially because of its jungle-like appearance, which gives the impression of an ethereal world woven by nature’s magic.

This unique natural wonder flows all year round breaking against the rocks to form an attractive green carpet in the village of Kritou Terra in the Paphos district.

The Kremiotis Waterfall is located at an altitude of 570 metres and may be reached after a two-hour path on a remote nature trail. The path winds through lush and untamed nature, including a variety of plants, trees and flowers, some of which are unique to the area. The variety of flora and fauna will delight visitors as they hike through the trail.

dom travel the adonis baths waterfall
The Adonis baths waterfall

When visiting the Adonis Baths Waterfall in Paphos, it is easy to admire the beautiful ecosystem that has been created to sustain the area’s abundant flora and fauna. Despite being rather small in comparison to the other waterfalls on the island, Adonis Baths Waterfall is undoubtedly the most popular, and also have a mythological connection.

The Adonis Baths Waterfall is reputed to be the location where Adonis used to meet and bathe with the ancient goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, and where many of their children were allegedly conceived.

Whether seeking to capture the immense power and grandeur of the island’s waterfalls or gaze at the gentle white foam of a glittering stream as it cascades down a mountainside, spending time at one of Cyprus’ waterfalls this winter will allow connection with nature and its bounties.

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