In the heart of hospitality lies an unspoken language – cleanliness. It’s a silent promise, a gesture that says, “You matter, and we care.” In the alluring city of Paphos, where ancient charm meets modern aspirations, my quest for the perfect cup of coffee became an exploration into the heart of hospitality. The journey began at a cafe near the town centre, where the promise of a delightful coffee experience collided with a disconcerting sight. Rubbish scattered on the floor disrupted the aromatic coffee aroma, prompting questions about the regard this establishment held for its guests. My chosen seat was adorned with dirty pillows and stained upholstery.

Undeterred, my adventure continued to the quaint lanes of the old city, where another cafe awaited. Yet, optimism wilted as neglect lingered in the air. Dust-laden windows concealed the allure of the streets outside, and an overall lack of cleanliness cast a shadow on the potential for comfort. The tarnished, unwashed cutlery served as a silent reminder of the apparent oversight.

What should have been a sanctuary of cleanliness turned into an unexpected challenge in the restroom. The very place meant to epitomise hygiene resembled more of a forgotten corner, underscoring the stark reality that cleanliness was an overlooked detail in this establishment.

As a visitor, the aftermath of my cafe escapades lingered, casting a personal shadow over Paphos’ picturesque streets. In a city aspiring to be a smart tourist haven, the significance of basics – clean floors, tidy seating, and pristine facilities – transformed into a personal yearning.

My journey through its cafes was a revelation. Cleanliness ceased to be a mere concept; it became a personalised plea echoing the unique expectations of each guest. As Paphos embraces its role as a smart touristic city in 2023, the call for meticulous attention to cleanliness is, at its core, a personal appeal. It beckons establishments to understand that every visitor brings not only a desire for the perfect cup of coffee but an expectation of respect, care, and the solace of a safe, immaculate haven.

Nataliia Vlasenko, Paphos