The Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (Cera) on Monday hit the Transmission System Operator (TSOC) with a €100,000 fine.

The fine was levied regarding “problems which arose, or still exist, in the ring of underground high-voltage cables in the urban area of Nicosia”.

Cera said the problems constitute “violations of the terms of its licence” as well as the relevant laws.

The fine comes after Cera had conducted an investigation into the matter, though they did not publish the details of the investigation, nor the violations of the law it uncovered.

They said the fine “is judged to be reasonable, fair, and proportionate taking into account the nature, seriousness, and duration of the infringements.”

They also called on the TSOC to adhere to the relevant implementation schedules related to the solution of the problems they found.

Cera was unavailable to comment.