The Larnaca marina managing company Kition Ocean Holdings has commended “the effective response in responding the fire that broke out on three yachts docked on site”, while also expressing gratitude to the Fire Service and the volunteers to contributed in the efforts.

According to Fire Service spokesman Andreas Kettis, the fire broke out at around 12pm on Thursday on three fiberglass yachts though the cause is still unknown.

Two fire trucks were deployed to the scene and the fire on one of the yachts was extinguished first.

A private company towed the other two to a safe place amid efforts to obliterate the flames. No injuries were reported.

“The fire caused significant damage to two vessels, while a third one was only partially damaged,” a statement released by Kition Ocean Holdings on Friday said.

“The fire erupted on one of the privately moored yachts within the marina.”

According to the statement, the firefighting units responded promptly and efficiently to the scene.

“However, due to flammable materials and strong winds, the fire spread to two other neighbouring yachts. The fire on one of the three yachts was extinguished, followed by the towing of the remaining two to a safe area outside the marina.

“The immediate intervention facilitated the swift handling of the fire.”

The statement also highlighted that “the immediate and effective response of the marina personnel, based on its fire protection action plan and in collaboration with the firefighting forces and security authorities, prevented the situation from worsening.”

“Residents and visitors were safely evacuated from the area, and the firefighting efforts were successful,” the statement concluded.

Police and the Fire Service are currently investigating the causes of the fire.