The scheduled route of the British naval vessel identified as RFA Lyme Bay, which was tasked with transporting humanitarian aid to Gaza via Cyprus was changed due to security concerns, according to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

Quoting sources with knowledge of the situation, CNA on Wednesday said that the vessel, which departed from a Cypriot port earlier this month, diverted its course after security assurances could not be guaranteed.

Additional information indicate that the ship eventually docked in Malta, where it has been for the past several days.

Officials from the UK Foreign Office had confirmed last week in London that the RFA Lyme Bay was positioned off the Cypriot coast loaded with humanitarian supplies destined for Gaza, awaiting approval from all parties to commence its journey.

During discussions in the House of Commons, the UK’s minister of state in the foreign, commonwealth and development office, Andrew Mitchell, said that the vessel was loaded with supplies in Cyprus and “ready to sail when there will be assurances that the aid can be accepted and delivered.”

Moreover, when asked last week by journalists if there were updates regarding the vessel carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, President Nikos Christodoulides said that final approval was anticipated from the Israeli side.

Responding to queries about the decision on the ship’s destination, Christodoulides added that it was among the topics under discussion with the Israeli government along with the UK, the US, and the EU.

The Cyprus Mail reached out to the foreign ministry offices in both Cyprus and the UK, yet no officials were accessible for comment regarding the issue.