A car with tinted windows opened fire in broad daylight in Nicosia on Friday, close to the central prisons.

Police were at the scene at the Ayios Andreas area in the capital, and a spokesperson told the Cyprus Mail it was too soon to tell if it was related to ‘business activities’ or a retaliation of sorts.

The suspects were in a black car with tinted windows and the incident unfolded at 11:20am.

Initially, police said the shots were targeting the property that appeared to be owned by a Nicosia businessman whose home – in a different part of the capital – had been shot at in the past.

Nonetheless, as the day went on, sources said the shooting at Makedonias street were in the air – rather than the property.

The sources underlined the gunshots did not have a specific target and that so far, no injuries or damaged property had been reported.

A number of items from the scene were taken in as evidence, while the motives were still not clear – according to the police.

Reports speculated the incident may be linked to someone who was recently released from jail.

Investigations continue.