Kissonerga community council on Saturday welcomed the completion of the first stage of the tender process for the procurement of consultants to prepare the terms of tender for the marina in the village.

According to community leader George Stylianou, this is the first essential step in the whole process. He added that once the documents for the tender are prepared, then the tender will be awarded to the successful consultancy firm.

After the tender is awarded to the consultancy firm, the latter will be given time to prepare the terms and conditions of the tenders, he added.

This, he said, is expected to be done before the end of 2024.

Even if the terms are prepared and the bids for the construction of the marina are invited around the end of 2024, interested businesses will have to be given time to prepare their bids/proposals, and additionally time is needed for evaluation of proposals, etc.

Stylianou said that considering all the data, construction on the marina will begin at the end of 2025.

He added that the community council hopes the government will show political courage in having the work completed, especially when dealing with the objections to the project.

Commenting on a previous similar tender which was discarded following objection, Stylianou said that this caused a delay of 15 years, which delayed development of Kissonerga.