A 44-year-old man suspected of manslaughter following a car accident that killed four people on New Year’s day will be sent to criminal court for trial, Limassol District Court ruled on Monday.

The man appeared in court on Monday for a renewal of his remand, which was due to end, but it was instead decided that the court would reconvene at 9am on Tuesday to decide whether he would remain in custody until his trial.

About half an hour after midnight on New Year, the man is suspected of running a red light at almost 90 km/hour in a 50 km/hour area and crashing into the car driven by 27-year-old Vathoula Georgiou, who together with her 17-year-old brother Nikolas were driving their grandparents Nikolas Zavrou, 72, and Evanthia, 74, home from celebrations.

The trial at the Limassol criminal court will begin on February 1 at 9am, and the man faces charges of manslaughter, negligence and running a red light.

During the hearing on Monday, the prosecution requested the man be held in custody until the start of the trial, since he does not have close ties with Cyprus and is a flight risk.

The defence requested the man be released until the start of the trial, as he has lived in Cyprus since 2010, is self-employed and has a clear criminal record.

The court decided that it would convene on Tuesday to decide whether he would remain in custody.