Attorney-general George Savvides on Wednesday called on parliament to adopt the legislation on making the legal service autonomous, in line with the Greco requirements.

Savvides was referring to the Group of States against Corruption (Greco) report, published a day earlier, which highlighted the one recommendation not implemented concerned the autonomy for state prosecutors.

Speaking on the sidelines of the swearing-in ceremony for the new cabinet and commissioners, Savvides said the latest Greco evaluation is “very important, because it clarifies in the clearest possible way that the only pending recommendation, which existed and which concerned the autonomy of public prosecutors, has been clarified and has gone from non-compliance to partial compliance.”

“The draft would benefit from additional refinement to ensure that individual law officers/prosecutors are able to conduct their duties in a more autonomous way, guided by the safeguards necessary under the rule of law,” the Greco report said.

It called Cyprus’ authorities “to deal with the planned reform of the Law Office of the Republic without delay”.

Savvides stressed the law would fully comply with Greco and urged parliament to proceed as soon as possible with the adoption of this legislation, “which will close this chapter of Greco compliance”.

The attorney-general congratulated the new cabinet and commissioners, assuring them the legal service will “always be by their side for all constitutional obligations, and offer legal advice to help them in their work”.

Asked to comment over the ongoing spat with the auditor general, Savvides said he did not wish to comment but sought to stress that he had no differences with anyone and had not initiated any type of conflict.