Paphos police on Wednesday are looking for three people to facilitate investigations into two cases of theft.

According to police spokesman Michalis Nikolaou, the first case involves a 26-year-old resident, who on Tuesday reported her money box had been stolen, accusing a man and a woman she had hosted at her house. The woman alleged the box contained approximately €1,500.

According to the complainant, she was on friendly terms with the suspects, a couple she had housed temporarily in a room of her residence until they could find their own place.

The police have secured arrest warrants against the pair and they are wanted.

Meanwhile, police are also looking for a 43-year-old man in connection with an investigated case of residential burglary and theft.

According to the police a 26-year-old man reported on Tuesday that his residence was broken into, while the house’s CCTV footage showed that the burglary took place on Monday.

The stolen property has been valued at just over €1,000.

On-site investigations by CID officers showed that the perpetrator entered through a closed but unlocked sliding balcony door.

Police identified the 43-year-old suspect, who is known to police, in the footage, an arrest warrant has been secured against him and he is wanted.