President Nikos Christodoulides said on Wednesday that an integrated strategy aimed at restructuring and improving higher education will be made public no later than May.

Speaking during a ceremony at Tepak University, the President stressed the government’s strategic goal to provide substantial support to both public and private academic institutions.

“The government is committed to investing in quality education,” Christodoulides said, highlighting the ongoing consultation phase for a higher education strategy, which he said will need the input of the education, interior, finance, foreign and labour ministries.

He further mentioned the importance of substantial reforms that will also address the issue of the English language to attract international students, considering the competition among educational destinations.

Moreover, specific goals were outlined to ensure the quality of higher education in Cyprus. These include connecting higher education with the job market and positioning Cyprus as an attractive international academic destination, with the foreign ministry actively participating in this process.

Christodoulides also emphasised the importance of modern equipment and technology for students to further develop their skills in line with the rapidly evolving society, particularly focusing on green and digital development, essential for the future and a challenge for all.

Regarding the State’s support for Tepak’s endeavours, he highlighted plans for its expansion beyond Limassol, such as the establishment of the School of Tourism, Hospitality, and Entrepreneurship in Paphos, as well as the beginning of works for student residences and other projects in the Berengaria area in Kato Polemidia.

The President also hinted at ongoing internal deliberations for Tepak’s expansion in Larnaca, expressing hope for its implementation to begin in 2024.