The interior ministry on Wednesday urged would-be voters to “submit timely applications” to be registered on the electoral roll, with the application deadline set as April 2 for June’s elections.

The April deadline concerns the local government and European Parliament elections, which are set to take place simultaneously on June 9.

All citizens of the Republic of Cyprus and citizens of the European Union who reside in Cyprus who are over the age of 18 on election day – those born on or after June 9, 2006 – will have the right to vote.

Those aged 25 years old and over are able to register online at

Paper applications can be obtained from local offices of district administrations, Citizens’ Service Centres and post offices, and can also be downloaded from the Electoral Service’s website.

Polling stations will also be open overseas, with the ministry announcing the opening of stations in Greece, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

Those who wish for a polling station to be opened in their local area can submit a declaration to the ministry. A total of 50 voters in one location must submit a declaration for a polling station to be opened.

Such declarations can be submitted until April 2.