Thirty people were nabbed while driving without licence or insurance during a police clampdown in Limassol on Thursday.

In total, over 140 drivers were caught for various offences, police said.

Twenty of the 30 cases of driving without a licence and without an insurance certificate were registered in court the same day while the other ten are being further investigated. All 30 vehicles were impounded.

In addition to the 30 offenders, two learner drivers were booked for not having a licence while another learner was booked for not having insurance.

There were also eight bookings for drivers not having an MOT while 11 people were booked for driving vehicles that had already been registered as withdrawn from circulation. Another 13 drivers were caught without proper registration.

The coordinated traffic operation was carried out from 6am until 6pm on Thursday, as part of actions to prevent road accidents, clampdown on traffic violations and increase safety on the road network.

The 141 total offences also included bookings for speeding violations, illegal parking, traffic-light violations, driving under the influence of drugs, driving without hands-free use of a mobile phone, failure to use a seat belt or protective helmet in the case of motorcyclists.