Mobile traffic cameras are now enabled to catch drivers speeding on both sides of the road, it was reported on Tuesday.

In addition, court summons have been sent out to the first drivers caught by traffic cameras who have not settled their fines.

Drivers may have noticed recently that the traffic cam vans have appeared on one side of the road, while the warning sign is placed on the opposite side.

According to the traffic police, is because the speed control is now done on cars traveling in both directions.

The two-way technology can be enabled only on roads where the camera is unobstructed by a dividing rail, parapet or island with greenery, so is mainly in effect on smaller central city roads.

Meanwhile, the traffic management company and police are inundated with drivers wanting to file objections to fines received.

Traffic police have noted there is no appeal process, so drivers will either have to pay their fine or go to court to argue their case.

Only very obvious cases of operating error can be reported and corrected, police said.