A 28-year-old man in Paphos connected with an investigated case of illegal drugs possession, impersonation, speeding and driving while intoxicated, was released on parole on Monday.

According to Paphos police spokesman Michalis Nikolaou, the 28-year-old, who was arrested on January 14 when his vehicle was stopped by traffic police, presented himself at the Paphos District Court, which ordered that he be released under conditions. The court set November 21 as the date for the trial to begin.

Police had caught the suspect shortly after noon on the Tala-Emba road, driven almost 30km/h above the speed limit, at 79km/h instead of the permitted 50km/h.

Police administered a drug test with positive result and 5.5g of white crystalline substance resembling methamphetamine were found in his possession. The information on the driver’s license he presented was alleged to be fake and the suspect was driving without insurance.

Police subsequently search the man’s residence, also turning up a quantity of cannabis.