A 34-year-old suspect, accused of attempted murder in Paphos, will remain in custody until the next trial on February 19, as decided by the court on Thursday.

The court’s decision aligns with the arguments of the prosecution, represented by State Prosecutor Andreas Hadjikyrou, who requested the suspect’s continued custody based on the risk of flight and the possibility of committing other offenses if released.

Paphos Criminal Court also approved defence lawyer Artemis Savvidou to be given time to examine new evidence. The court scheduled the case for a hearing at 9.30am on February 19 and ordered that the accused remain in custody. The defence had sought the release of her client on bail.

The accused denies all charges after being accused of shooting at a 31-year-old outside his Paphos home in Psathi on September 24 last year, resulting in injuries to the victim.

At 5.30am on September 24, the victim arrived home after being at a nightclub and parked his car in his yard. At that time, the 34-year-old suspect, who police say was allegedly either following the victim or waiting for him at the scene, used a shotgun to shoot and injure the younger man.

The victim’s relatives woke up from the gunshots and managed to subdue the suspect, who was later arrested on a court warrant after being handed over to the police.

As stated in court, the offenses faced by the 34-year-old resident of a Paphos province village, include attempted murder and illegal possession and transportation of a firearm, as well as explosive materials.