Cyprus features prominently on the Netflix popular show Love is Blind as part of the Swedish iteration of the reality drama that aired this month.

The show, branded more of a social experiment than reality TV, originated in the US in 2020. It has spinoffs from other countries such as Sweden, Brazil and also an upcoming UK version.

The theory behind the show is that couples can fall in love without seeing each other and only get to know each other by speaking through a wall while in separate ‘pods’. Starting off with 15 men and 15 women, they either pair off or leave the show if they fail to ‘connect’ with anyone as they ‘date’ each other to see who ‘clicks’. Normally the show whittles down to four or five ‘viable’ couples.

The men then have to propose sight unseen and when couples pair up and get engaged – they have one meeting after the proposal – they’re then moved to a ‘honeymoon’ setting, usually a resort after which they go home with each other, meet their respective families, arrange the wedding and then say “I do”, or “I don’t” when they reach the altar. The bulk of the show, which normally runs to 11 or 12 episodes including a reunion a year later, takes place in their home country.

Only the honeymoon spots vary.

For Love is Blind Sweden, the resort was the Atlantis Gardens on the beach south of Larnaca, showing stunning views of the sea and the resort itself that is made up of small villas in idyllic surroundings.

One of the first couples to arrive there can be heard saying: “Wow, wow, wow”, “Damn, it’s nice” and “I could get used to this”.

Being featured on the show is likely to be a huge boost to tourism from Scandinavian countries.

Atlantis Gardens posted on their social media accounts: “It was a pleasure to host the series ‘Love is Blind: Sweden’ by Netflix in our premises”.

The Swedish iteration of the show has as host Jessica Almenäs who mentioned on her social media:
“The Love is Blind Sweden couples enjoyed a retreat at Atlantis Gardens, a hidden gem located at a secluded beach in the Larnaca region of Cyprus. Check episodes 3-5…”

According to one online TV commenter: “In the midst of the gripping drama on Love is Blind Sweden, viewers were left captivated not just by the romantic entanglements but also by the breathtaking backdrop of the couples’ vacation.”