Eight new traffic cameras will begin operating in Limassol and Larnaca on February 5, the police announced on Tuesday.

According to the police announcement, six cameras will be installed in Limassol. Two will be at the junction of 28th October and Iacovou Tombazi avenues, and the other two at the junction of Amathus avenue, across from Arsinoe hotel.

Two more will be placed at the junction of Amathus avenue and Ariadne street.

Four cameras are already in operation at the junction of Makarios, Nikos Pattichis and Archbishop Leontios avenues, and four at the junction of Makarios avenue and Ayia Zoni.

In Larnaca, two cameras will be installed to monitor speeding between Kiti and Mazotos.

The police noted that mobile cameras are already operating in both districts to monitor speed.

“The goal is always the reduction of serious and deadly road collisions, as well as the consolidation of proper road awareness in our country,” the announcement said.