Limassol police arrested a 26-year-old man in relation to the incidents that took place at during the Ael-Apollon match last Wednesday.

The latest bout of hooliganism saw flares thrown into the stands, and the match was eventually cancelled.

The suspect is facing being charged for conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, disorderly conduct, obstructing the conduct of a match, illegal entry into the field of play, hiding a person and causing the cancellation of a match.

The 26-year-old, who when questioned allegedly confessed to committing the offences, was identified in images released by police and information obtained through the fan card system.

On Sunday, three more men aged 39, 28, and 21were arrested under suspicion of rioting at the match, and remanded in custody for four days by the Limassol district court.

They also had their fan cards cancelled immediately.

A fourth person was also arrested in connection with the violence, but later released pending his hearing.

The man, 30, was arrested on the charge of offensive gestures during the match. He is alleged to have said that he committed the offence and is set to appear in court next month over the incident.

On Saturday, political parties expressed concern over the government’s decision to introduce a bill to parliament, granting them the power to hold football matches without fans.